The War of the Blink

  • June 2006
  • Watercolour on 400 lb. paper
  • 184 x 142 cm
  • Private collection - West Vancouver
The War Of The Blink was displayed at the Vancouver Art Gallery from June 10th to September 17th, 2006, for the exhibition Raven Travelling: Two Centuries of Haida Art.

Story outline: A young man thirsty for glory convinces a Clan leader to launch an unprovoked attack on a distant village. One of that village's fishermen finds an unusual forest fly many miles offshore. Concerned that some danger is coming he returns home, but his efforts to convince his people are laughed at.

Believing an attack is imminent, he waits on guard alone in his canoe, falls asleep and is captured by the attacking Warriors. Meanwhile, second thoughts send the village out to check on him and surprises the attackers. Rules of engagement avert a battle when a fly appears between the two opposing Champions, causing one to blink.

Source: oral narrative - Haida.

As exhibited: Glenbow Museum - Calgary, Alberta, Canada