War of the Blink

  • November 24, 2017

An unusual series of events took place a few summers ago. Two groups of Indigenous Peoples from two separate nations on the North Pacific coast had dinner together. Not once but twice, in two towns in their two homelands.

It would not be a surprise if you hadn't heard of these events, as the reason for them took place long before there was a Canada and a United States. But it should not be a surprise that there are peoples who remember when there was no such thing as a Canada or a United States.

I grew gently older amongst my people. Our place is a most lovely and profoundly powerful archipelago where memories are not discarded but remain alive and are actively refreshed. We share memories with neighbouring Indigenous Peoples and their places.

This is a story of one such memory.

This is the story of war.


War of the Blink is a stunning full-colour graphic novel about war and peace. It is the story of a fisherman who suspects a party of raiders is descending upon his island home. When his warnings are not heeded, the man sets out to guard the village on his own, only to find himself caught up in a high-stakes game of kidnap and bluff. All this leads to a final showdown, in which one of the sides must blink first, and the villagers find a surprising way to save face and their home, and avoid bloodshed. War of the Blink is a timeless fable about the bravery it takes to choose peace over war.

An earlier version of the artwork was displayed at the Vancouver Art Gallery a part of the 2006 exhibition Raven Travelling.